Friday, August 31, 2007

New Blog

I decided to start a blog, hoping that it will be a fun way to keep in touch with far-away family and friends and a cool way to just vent about my day, my kids and my life.
So for those that already know me, this part will be repetitive, but for those that don't I'll share a little about my self.
I am a slightly obsessive person and my current obsessions are Green Day, Blue October (if you haven't heard of them, you really should check them out - and Crocheting. I love working with yarn, the creativity and the feeling of accomplishment I got when I finished my first project. I also enjoy scrapbooking, but haven't kept up with that well, and photography. I work full-time at a home builder and more importantly, at being the best mom I can be.
I have been happily married to my best friend, Craig, for almost 9 years. He is a great dad to our girls and I could not possibly dream of a better match for me. We are fortunate enough that he is able to stay home with the kids while I am at work.

I have three girls. K is my oldest, she is 13 and the typical teenager. She is in 7th grade and just developing a romantic interest in boys (eek!). She and I share a lot of the same musical tastes, so luckily we don't fight over that. Anything else, though, is fair game.

C is my 5 year old. She is a spoiled little princess, and will be the first to let you know this. She is starting kindergarten this year and, soo far, absolutely loves it. She is full of life and energy and is such a fun kid.

And then there's the baby. Little C is 4 months old now, my how time flies. It feels like just yesterday, I was complaining about still being pregnant.

I settled on Indepentently Happy as the title for my blog because (a) I can finally say that I feel happy with me and (b) it's one of my favorite songs from Blue October. I would have used the title of my favorite song from them, but I thought Schizophrenia might scare some people away.