Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Ahh, it's finally over! And there WAY too much candy left-over. The last two years in a row, we've ran out of candy, and had to start giving out some of the girls' candy. This year we have gobs of it left. Time to take some of it to work, and get it out of the house!

This year was a bit weird for me. For the first time, Kaitlyn went trick-or-treating with friends, instead of with us. Camille fell asleep before the festivities began, so it was just Celeste and I. We had fun, she tried to be brave, but there were afew house that I was instructed to excort her all the way to the door, not just the walkway. lol

Here are the girls in costume. Celeste is still on a Disney princess love-fest, so she was TinkerBell this year. Kaitlyn is dressed up as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Great movie, btw.

As I mentioned earlier, Camille fell asleep before Trick-or-Treating began. I asked Craig to put her in her costume if she woke up, so that I could get some pictures. Unfortunately, she wanted nothing to do with her costume when she woke up, so I got no pictures of her from last night.

Fortunately, I did happen to get this one a few weeks ago, when we bough the costume. my little love bug, she's soo snuggly!

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~Melissa~ said...

I love all of their costumes!! What a cute bug :)