Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Take 5 Tuesday

I came across this blog and thought that it would be cool to have a weekly meme to post each Tuesday. However, it doesn't look like it's been updated in a few weeks, so I'm posting my own 5's that I stole from a meme on someone else's blog. If the Take 5 Tuesday blog starts updating again, then I'll start participating there.

5 things on my "to do" list today:
1. Clean off my desk at home.
2. Go through the girls clothes and sort by keep, toss and donate.
3. Go grocery shopping.
4. Finish laundry.
5. Pay some bills.

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Build a bigger home for us.
2. Pay off my mom’s house and all debt (I guess hubby’s mom too)
3. Set up college trust funds for the girls.
4. Donate.
5. Invest.

5 Bad Habits:
1. Constant worrier, borderline paranoid.
2. Eat too much, especially when nervous or bored.
3. I have a short temper.
4. Dawdle at work, not focused (for example: posting this on my blog instead of working).
5. Don’t exercise regularly.

5 Places that I've lived:
1. Fort Stewart, Georgia
2. Augsburg, Germany
3. Palm Bay, Florida
4. Tampa, Florida
5. Spring Hill, Florida

5 Jobs that I've had:
1. Cashier at Publix (that lasted about 3 months in HS).
2. Do everything girl at Hell (AKA – Office Depot).
3. Sales Admin at Pulte Homes
4. Wife
5. Most important job e-vah - Mommy

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