Friday, December 14, 2007

In keeping with the "Goin' Old School" theme here...

I thought I'd share a story with you from when my oldest (now 13) was almost 8.

I was newly pregnant with Celeste and we had recently had "THE" talk with Kaitlyn about where babies come from and how they get there, etc, etc. She and I were driving in the car one day and she made an off-handed comment about wishing she never had twins. When I questioned why, she replied that she wouldn't be able to feed them both. I assured her that yes, if she had twins, she would be able to feed them, that is after-all why we have TWO breasts. She sat quietly in the car for a moment and then quipped "well, then I hope I never have triplets!" lol

I've been reminiscing a LOT lately. My oldest will be 14 next month. Fourteen. I realized this morning that I could potentially be a grandmother in 10 years time. Eeek!

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