Wednesday, January 9, 2008

CVS Good Deal of the Day

I've recently become hooked on shopping at CVS and am AMAZED at how much money I'm saving! I know what you're thinking, CVS jacks up the prices on everything they sell. Yes, they do, but they also offer these nifty things they call Extra Care Bucks that you earn on stuff you buy that you can use for future purchases. It's almost like spending the same dollar over and over again.

Kaitlyn is sick and we're also out of Tylenol, so I head over to CVS (coupons in hand). I bought 2 bottles of Robotussin, Tylenol, Children's Motrin and Sudafed. I also added in some Palmolive dish soap. I did 2 transactions.

1st transaction: 2 bottles of Robotussin, 3 bottles of Palmolive dish soap. Total out of pocket: $1.06
Robotussin $5.99 each (on sale Buy 1, Get 1 Free)
Palmolive $1.49 each (x3) (added to bring total up to over $10)
Sub-total $10.46
$2 off $10 purchase CVS coupon -$2.00
Robotussin Manufacturer coupon -$3.00 (x2)
Palmolive manufacturer coupon -$.25 (x2 - I was short one coupon)
Sub-total after coupons $1.96
Paid with $1.00 ECB, cash (change) for the remainder/tax.
Oh, and I earned $3.00 ECB back for the Palmolive!

2nd transaction: Tylenol, Sudafed and Children's Motrin. Total out of pocket: $.97 that's right Nintey-seven cents.
Tylenol $9.99
Motrin $5.99
Sudafed $4.99
Sub-total $20.97
$4 of $20 purchase CVS coupon -$4.00
Tylenol manufacturer coupon -$1.00
Motrin manufacturer coupon -$1.00
Sudafed manufacturer coupon -$1.00
Sub-total after coupons $13.97
Even that would be a good deal, but, I paid for the $13 with ECB and just paid the change.
Oh, and I earned $10.00 ECB back to use another day.

So, I spent $2.03 out of pocket and earned back $13.00 to spend another day. Works for me!

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