Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Yeah, yeah, I know - it's the 8th already, but I wanted to share my resolutions with the blogging world to keep myself in check.

Resolution # 1 - Lose 45 pounds. I know it's a cliche resolution, but I am putting it out there anyway. I am working on cutting out sodas and junk food from my diet completely. I am also working on upping my veggies intake, and lean towards more whole foods.

Resolution # 2 - Continue to crochet. I really enjoy this avenue of creativity, and keeping my hands busy with this hobby definitely helps with resolution # 1. I would also like to get a sewing machine and learn that as well, just crafty-creativity in general really.

Resolution # 3 - Set aside a weekly time for "Family Time." We sort of slipped out of this habit when the baby was born, but we used to play board games or hide & seek together as a family before bed-time every night. I loved that time together, no TV, no video games, no homework, no internet, no cell phone texting - just us together, having fun.

So there you have it. Any one feel like sharing their resolutions?

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