Sunday, July 19, 2009

Wordless Wednesday - Views from a drive - Put into words

So, last week sucked. I'm finally feeling more like myself although my voice is still stuck in mouse mode.

Last week, I posted pictures from our drive for Wordless Wednesday, but I wanted to give the story behind them.

Last Sunday, Hubbster and I participated in a mileage test drive with the Audi Club of Florida. We are geeks like that and do love our Audi's. Most of the other cars were newer, but we represented with our 2001 A6 2.7T. I do love my car, but those Q7 TDi's make me want. 40-something MPG! And soo pretty.

Some other Audi's that were driving with us:

Another Q7 TDi:

View of down-town Tampa from I-4 (or maybe this was on I-275?):

We all stopped at this AMAZING German bakery in this teeny little town called Yalaha. The bakery is called (appropriately) Yalaha Bakery. I had potato pancakes and they made me remember eating them when we lived in Germany - got the applesauce to go with, of course.
Anywho - while waiting outside for our group to re-hit the road, I was following this beautiful butterfly around. He posed for me:

And I'm not sure where this was exactly, but somewhere on our way from Yalaha to Altamonte Springs we crossed this bridge and it was just purty:

It's not often Hubbster and I get to go out and just take a drive anymore. The kids get bored in the car (which leads to annoying us), gas prices are crazy, just trying to find the time. But this is something that we have always enjoyed, so it was great being out, windows down, no rush, just enjoying the ride and the scenery.

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