Monday, July 6, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Had to take a little mini-break here last week. I really don't realize just how much Kaitlyn helps around the house until she's not here for a while. I'm so happy that she'll be home this week - and not just for the extra hands, but I've really missed her.

Before we get to the menu; check out this cute little note pad I found at Michael's for $1.00. It's a weekly menu plan with space for the menu on the left and a grocery list on the right. It's not quite perfect (menu plan spaces are kind of small and weekend is lumped together), but it was only $1.00 and it's magnetic so it goes on the fridge just right!

Another easy menu week here, it's just too hot to do much cooking.

Monday: We had Chinese take-out, per Hubbster's request.

Tuesday: Grilled cheese sandwiches and fruit smoothies.

Wednesday: Baked mac-n-cheese with Veggie-dogs. BAS on the side.

Thursday: Kaitlyn is finally home!!! Yay! No plans for this night. We'll either go out to dinner, or I will let her pick what we have.

Friday: Veggie burgers with oven fries and BAS.

Saturday: My sister and I will be attending a Slumber Parties party. Baby-sitter Kaitlyn will be serving either pizza, or something simple that she can cook.

Sunday: Baked chicken with roasted new potatoes and fresh green beans.

I'm kind of nervous about the Slumber Parties thing. It looks like it'll be fun, but still, it's an *adult* party. This sounds kind of silly, but I've been working on getting myself more "out there" and trying to make friends. I've had the same friend (singular) for about 20 years and a few acquaintances from my old work, but no one that lives near us. One of Celeste's friend's mom is hosting this party and she is nice, so I am trying to be more friendly and not so
on my own." Anyone out there ever been to one of these parties? Give me some details.

Alright, enough about me. For more menu plans, head on over to the Organizing Junkie site!


Krista said...

Your menu looks great for dealing with the heat!

Slumber party thing sounds interesting, never heard of one of those. Have fun & hope you make a new friend or two. :)

nikkit3 said...

I have never been to one of those parties. But, I have moved 7 times in 9 years. So, making friends is difficult, and it does require "getting out there." :) Hope it is a blast for you!

My K is a Kaitlyn too (spelled the same as your's)!

Have a great week!