Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Am I Crazy?

I think I might be being a bit over-ambitious. Here's my "to make" list for Christmas gifts. So far.

3 Purses/Bags
5 Hat/Scarf/Mitten Combos
2 (possibly 3) Hat/Scarf Combos
1 Car Smelly-Good Hangy Thingy
1 Shawl

Seeing it typed out, I'm having a little bit of an "EEEK!" moment. But then I think, even with miinimal crochet time daily, I can get a scarf done in two days. So maybe I just need to plan better, and get started. Now.

Oh, and a question for you - is crocheted/knitted stuff girly? I asked my hubby if he thought a color that I was using was boyish enough, and he said that no color could make a crocheted item boyish enough. If crocheted/knitted stuff was only for girls, why are there soo many patterns for men's items? Pattern books with men modeling the products?

Hmph. I'm not speaking to him at the moment.

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