Friday, September 7, 2007

One (almost) Down, Soo Many More To Go...

First and foremost, an update on my Milly-Bear's CT Scan from yesterday. She went through it like a champ! Didn't move and squirm so they didn't have to sedate her - yay! Of course, they had her strapped down to that thing like a mummy, so she couldn't move if she wanted to. But there were no tears involved and they let us both in there with her, so that was comforting for all of us. She kept looking at Craig, then at the machine, then me, then back to the machine, then back to Craig, etc, etc. We could tell she wasn't happy or comfortable, but she was good.

They just did the scan yesterday, so we have to wait until her appointment with the pediatric neurosurgeon to get the results. But, the radiologist did tell us that whatever the bump is, it's benign. That's definitely good news. :)

Secondly, I finished the crochet work for the In Bloom clutch. Soo easy and fast! Very satisfying. It's blocking now, then I need to line it and seam it. I'm still debating on whether or not I will add the flower embellishment. I'm not really a flowery type of girl, but you never know.

I ended up completely frogging (I was just looking for an excuse to use that word *giggle*) Celeste's 2nd attempt hat. I am starting that one over, doing it right this time. I guess that makes this attempt number 3. It's a completely simple circle hat: just make a circle, then continue without increasing until it's the right length. The good thing about crochet done right is that it's much faster than the way I was doing it! Yay! I'm about half-way done with the circle part, so I expect to be done with that by tomorrow. Unless, of course, I get side-tracked by another project.

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