Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ok, Ok, I lied.

But how could I pass it up?!

In an earlier blog post, I said that I would never buy yarn at JoAnn's or Michael's again. Um, yeah, about that...

I went to Michael's today searching for a purse strap for my nearly complete Hobo Bag. Didn't find a strap I liked, but did find 4 skeins of decent yarn for a buck a pop. Seriously, $1 each, how could I not buy that?

Then, I headed over to JoAnn's, still in search of the purse strap. Found that, and 6 balls of super-soft yarn at $2.37 each and 4 balls of this cool suede type yarn for $1.97 each. Had to have it.

I'll be storing these at my office. Why, you ask? Because I like being married and don't really want my hubby to go balistic when he finds out I bought MORE yarn. lol

Speaking of my nearly complete Hobo Bag - tada! Isn't it purty? I just need to get the lining in and attach the purse strap and it will be DONE! Yay me!

1 comment:

~Melissa~ said...

Your bag is so cute!

Sometimes the cheapy yarn is good to have on hand - it definitely has it's uses :)