Monday, September 10, 2007

"Hooked" Already

I warned you all that I was a bit obsessive. Less than a month into this habit hobby and I’ve already got more than one WIP and a slew more on my “to do” list.
· Nordstrom Inspired Crochet Hobo Bag (pattern here) just started this, so WIP
· SnB: HH Fat Bottom Bag
· SnB: HH One Skein Scarf
· SnB: HH Seija Set
· Christmas Stockings (we needed new ones anyway)
· SnB: HH Exchange Bag
· Fingerless Gloves (making it up as I go) WIP
· Scarf, Mitten and Hat Sets for a few peeps (haven’t found patterns for this yet)
· Celeste’s 4th Attempt Hat (yes, I said 4th attempt, 3rd attempt was way too big for my head) WIP

I also want to give Amigurumi Animals a try. I’ve heard good things about Mr. Funky’s Super Crochet Wonderful. Anyone got reviews for me?

I finished the Happy Hooker In Bloom Clutch. I decided not to add the flower embellishment, since I will probably never actually use the bag. It was a test run on following patterns. I learned a few things from this test though. I need to pay more attention to gauge, and seam before lining.

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~Melissa~ said...

I love the clutch Kelly - it's so cute!!