Monday, September 3, 2007

It's Monday!!

And I don't have to woooooorrrkkkk! I love three day weekends.
Anywho, I'm stealing this idea from another blog that I read. Every Monday, I will post our meal plan for the week. Hopefully, this will keep me on track and have us not eating frozen chicken nuggets (ewww) for dinner.
Monday - WW spaghetti with homemade pasta sauce w/broccoli and zuchinni and crusty french bread.

Tuesday - What my kids call Italian chicken (chicken breasts marinated in Italian dressing before cooking), spanish rice, black beans.

Wednesday - Breaded, butterfly shrimp with mac-n-cheese and baby peas.

Thursday - Seasoned chicken with potatoes and carrots. Probably a nice, big salad to go with that as well.

Friday - Breakfast for Dinner! (my favorite) Pancakes or waffles will definitely be on the menu.

Saturday and Sunday are up in the air. We'll probably go over to my mom's on Saturday and end up eating there. And Sunday will probably be a quick dinner like pizza or chinese or something.

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