Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Crochet Away

I was up until past 1am last night reading through my new book. I have to give this book a great review, so far. It really is an excellent choice for a beginning crocheter. All of the steps and stitches are described in idiot-proof detail. Heck, even I was able to understand it. So, I was up all night practicing new stitches, making rows upon rows of half-double, double, triple, V and fan stitches. Only to rip it all out. I also learned that this is called "frogging." *snort, giggle*

I learned, while reading, that while I thought I knew how to crochet, I've been doing it wrong. Boo. So, I basically had to re-teach myself. I think it's much harder to re-learn something than it is to learn something from scratch, because one has a tendancy to revert to the old ways. Of course, focusing on doing it the right way has put a stop to my half-finished hat for Celeste. I've started on one of the patterns from the book.

Since this is the first pattern I've followed, we will call this the practice run. Before starting the Fat Bottom bag that I wanted to do, I decided to try and find something easier to start with. I searched through the book and I think the easiest pattern is the In Bloom Bag, so I'm working on that one. I didn't want to use my new yarn yet, not until I'm confident that the result will be worthy of this yarn, so I'm using up the last of some craptastic yarn that I have laying about my house. Actually it's the same yarn that I used to make Kait's hat, hopefully I have enough left. I am actually pleased with how well the bag is coming along so far. It looks to be a quick project, I started today and am already more than a third done. Will post pics once I'm done. :)

Alright, I suppose I should actually do the work that is sitting on my desk staring at me, taunting me. This whole crochet thing is proving to be very distracting.

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