Monday, June 1, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

I'm seriously in need of getting back into the habit of planning and following a weekly menu plan. We've gotten really bad at eating on the fly and just grabbing whatever, or take-out which is far too costly for our one-income household. So, since I'm back to blogging, I'll get back to participating in the Menu Plan Mondays from Organizing Junkie.

My oldest has decided to throw me a curve ball and announced last week that she was now going to be a vegetarian. Should be no problem, right? After all, I am vegetarian about 90% of the time. Not so easy with her though, she is such a picky eater - I'm pretty sure she'd be ok with eating nothing but vege-burgers and cheese pizza. We've already discussed that we will support her choice entirely however, she will need to broaden her food horizons and make sure that she is getting enough protein through other sources.

The hubbster is at work during dinner-time 5 days out of the week, so our menu plan will be predominately vegetarian. Without further ado:

Monday: Grilled Chicken with baked beans and steamed broccoli.

Tuesday: Steaks with cheesy twice-baked potatoes and green beans. Vege-burgers for Kaitlyn and me.

Wednesday: Cheese quesadillas with fruit smoothies.

Thursday: Easy peasy make your own Pizza night with fresh fruit.

Friday: Vegetable Lasagna with garlic crusty bread.

Saturday: Free Night, no plans.

Sunday: Outside cooking day - BBQ burgers and dogs (vege for Kait and I), grilled roasted potatoes, corn on the cob.

We'll have a Big Ass Salad with available with dinner every night as well.

Check out more menu plans at Organizing Junkie's site!


Rachel said...

Mmm, I love vegetable lasagna and that looks like a great recipe that I'll definitely have to try out. You should check out springpad's weekly meal planner - it's a great way to organize all of your menus and recipes, I think you'll really like it!

Rachel @ springpad

Anonymous said...

The pioneer woman is great, huh? I confess to working late and not actually making the lasagna tonight...but it will get there. I probably shouldn't be admitting that on the first day of my meal plan! :)

I'm a fan of vegetable lasagna as well!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm thinking, too (as someone who has been vegetarian, vegan and omnivorous), in regards to your daughter--you probably don't have to worry much about the protein, particularly if she likes dairy/eggs and peanut butter and those veggie burgers. But, you might want to make sure she is taking a multi-vitamin that includes iron and all the B vitamins. I stopped eating meat when I was 14 or 15 and my iron levels were always an issue. I don't mean to give unsolicited advice, but I can't tell you how much better I still feel when I remember to take my vitamin with iron!:)

Veggiemomof2 said...

Kudos to you for making other options available for your children :)