Monday, June 8, 2009

Menu Plan Monday

Hey, technically it's still Monday. I mean for at least 10 more minutes. This past few days has been relatively insane in our house and I can't figure out a specific reason. Not a lot actually going on, but I feel like I've been run ragged.

Last week's menu plan didn't go perfectly. It's going to take us some time getting back in the habit of following a menu and *gasp* cooking dinner nightly. The hubbster is officially on vacation for the next week, so there will be less vegetarian meals planned. Here's our plan for this week. Hopefully we'll do better.

Monday: We had make your own pizza night again. We had extra pizza crust to use up.

Tuesday: Italian chicken with black beans and rice and a BAS.

Wednesday: Vegetable Lasagna (never got around to making this last week) with crusty garlic bread and a BAS.

Thursday: BBQ Chicken (left-overs from the freezer) with baked potatoes and steamed broccoli.

Friday: Breakfast for Dinner night - French Toast with this Strawberry Topping that I found on Everything's Coming Up Daisies blog. Served with scrambled eggs and (vege) sausage.

Saturday: Free Night, no plans.

Sunday: Roasted chicken with homemade mashed potatoes and snap beans. I think I might also make some yummy glazed carrots, I keep thinking about them so I think I need to add them in the menu otherwise their going to get cooked in place of something else. lol

Visit Organizing Junkie's site for more menu plans.


Snow White said...

looks like a tasty week at your place.

by the way... that blanket you made is amazing!!

Carol said...

Hi Kelly! Yes it really is that easy! I always end up making it different thought, I just throw in what ever I have.