Friday, June 19, 2009

More Crochet Updates (Photos Galore)

Ok, so in this post I set a rule for myself that I wasn't allowed to start any new projects until I completed at least 2 of my WIPs. Already showed off the Cow Potholder - that my mom LOVES, by the way. Finally finished the Acorn Bag, so I'm free to start new projects! Yay! I kind of cheated and started these before actually finishing the Acorn, but I just needed buttons! Honest. I've been on a play-foods kick lately and the kids are loving it! Some pictures to share:

And the finished Acorn Bag. It's soo stinkin' cute! I'm glad I finished it.

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GreenStyleMom said...

I love those! I want to make my nieces and nephews some crocheted food as Christmas presents which means I need to get started. Did you get the patterns online?

I also need to not start any new projects until I finish some of the ones I've already started!