Monday, June 1, 2009

Official New Moon Trailer

So, who's seen it??? I missed the MTV Awards last night, but found the trailer online today. Looks like it will be just as cheestastic as Twilight was. Pretty disappointed with the birthday scene clips shown. When I read that scene, I'm picturing in my head that scene from Finding Nemo where Bruce the shark smells Dory's blood and goes apeshit and everyone has to hold him back. Not Jasper taking a running start like he's in a race or something, everyone else just standing around like nothing is happening and Edward-o bouncing people around like they're strapped to harnesses (oh wait...). And I know I'll get crap for this, but WHY does Rob always look confused. I think he's going for tense/angsty, but I'm seeing constipated and confused. lol

However, I was happy with the Jake/wolf explosion. Me likey.

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