Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some Crochet Updates

Yesterday I spent a good chunk of time sorting through and reorganizing my yarn and unfinished object/WIPs box. I had a lot more WIPs/abandoned projects than I realized.

I found a bunch of hats and scarves that I made when I first started crocheting that have just been sitting in a box for 2+ years, so I bagged those up and they will be sent to Goodwill with our next donation. I organized all of the unfinished projects and bagged them with tags stating what the pattern is, hook size being used, yarn, and how much has been completed/what’s left to be completed. I’ve decided that I will NOT be starting any new projects until I finish at least 2 of the WIPs-in-bags.

In that box of WIPs, I found the Cow Potholder that I was making for my mom for Christmas… 2 years ago. I thought I had finished it. I thought I had already given it to her. Yeah, I thought wrong. All that was left to finish was the ears and horns! So I finished that up in about 15 minutes, and then decided it looked better without the horns so took them back off. Now it’s ready to go to mom’s house! Yay!

I also took a few new pictures of Milly’s Round Ripple Blanket. I’m so stinkin’ happy with this blanket. It’s no longer wonky, it no longer smells, I no longer hate it. And even better, Camille LOVES it. This is EXACTLY what I wanted when I started making it.

Now let’s just see if I can keep myself to my “no more new projects until 2 are complete” rule. Hey, I finished the cow, that means only one more!

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Savings Ninja said...

Oh my gosh... i LOVE that cow pot holder! That alone is enough to make me want to learn to crochet :)