Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday (er, Wednesday) Heads or Tails

So, I'm a bit late this week. Oops.

This week's theme is:
TAILS - "Summertime memory"

So we are supposed to share a memory related to summer. I think the memory that I will share is from our first summer here in Florida. I was 9.5 when we moved from Augsburg, Germany to Palm Bay, Florida. What a shocking difference! I mean, sure it got hot over there but NOTHING like the FL heat.
When we first moved back, we lived on base housing right on the beach, so we spent a good deal of time on the beach, playing, swimming, sun-burning. We learned that summer about tide pools and currents and low-tides and high-tides and sand dunes and sand in your toes and salt-water in your eyes. My oldest sister had to save me and my younger sister one day when the tide came in and we got stuck.
We also visited the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex for the first time that summer. Gawd I was in awe! For a kid whose childhood hero was Neil Armstrong, this place was heaven. We walked around and I stared at the rockets. I remember walking around the museum type area and gawking at the space-suits and other gear that was used. I also remember being soo sun-burned that it hurt to walk, but I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else.

I have a picture (or rather my mom does) of me sun-burned at Kennedy that summer. I'm hoping she's able to find it and email it to me. If she does, I'll update this post with the picture.

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